EARTHGANG Take You On A Spiritual Trip In Debut Of Colorfully Out Of This World New Video, Fields ft. Malik

Almost exactly a month after releasing their weird, amazing, trippy and artfully beautiful Strangeloop Studios-directed video for, Avenue. EARTHGANG returns with the debut earlier today through Vevo of their trippy, spiritually and colorful new video for, Fields featuring Malik. The third and final video from the Dreamville Records duo colorfully animated journey of animated clips from their major label debut, Mirrorland. That follows the theme and inspiration of the classic 1978 film, The Wiz. It’s really brought to life through the colorfully animated landscape that truly brings their experiences from Mirrorland to life like a cinematic masterpiece in audio form into a truly masterful visual form. That really brings the beautiful art and journey of Mirrorland to life in an out of this world, spiritually way we all truly need right now.