2nd Generation WU Debut Out Of This World New Video, For New Generation Remix ft. Method Man

In celebration of 4/20 today, the son of one of the forefathers of weed smoking and the smokers holiday, Method Man; PXWER debuts today alongside his 2nd Generation WU groupmate, iNTeLL.  The out of this world and smoked out crazy somewhat animated new Ken Ngwa-directed video for their, New Generation Remix with Method Man.

Really helping bring the razor-sharp hard hitting lyrics in the smoked out, out of this world new visual to life.  iNTeLL, PXWER and Mef, help purify the atmosphere of anything that stands in their way.  As they really truly bring the crazy dope remix and old school flavor of it to life in a way that only the children (now adults) from one of the best groups of the 90’s would be able to.  While doing it respectfully and the right way.