Add-2 Pays Homage To Chicago, The Secret Life Of Blacks, In Beautiful New Black & White Video

Chicago emcee, writer and youth mentor, Add-2 is not only arguably the best emcee in all of Chicago right now and has been for the past several years.  But one of the best emcees period.  Especially with the way through his socially conscious and poignant rhymes, he brings light to the journey of black folks and the many different things they face.  Both good and bad, mostly coming up in the hood.

His latest album, Jim Crow: The Musical, which was not only one of the best albums of 2019, but one of the top albums of the last decade.  Really showing this on quite a few of the tracks and most notably on the very socially conscious and powerful, The Secret Life of Blacks.  Which he premiered today through VIBE Magazine, the very beautifully crisp new Cam Be-directed video for the track.  That sees Add pay homage to his hometown.  As he shows himself and other blacks by or in various notable spots such as the Regal Theater, Harper Theater, the barbershop, church and by a basketball court.  To show the very beautifully captured and truly brilliantly captivating frames in the new black-and-white clip.  That truly brings the very captivating and poignant lyrics of the Koku Gonza featured track to life even more.

Something so beautiful and captivating with all those smiles that will make you smile.  Which we all need to see right now, no matter our skin color.  Especially with the trying times a lot of us throughout the entire world are going through.