Alina Baraz Brings Much-Needed Endlessly Amazing & Heavenly Loving Vibes On New Single

Very beautifully talented singer and songwriter, Alina Baraz brings endlessly amazing and soulfully divine heavenly loving vibes on her just released new single.  Appropriately titled, Endlessly.  It finds the singer over the very beautifully smooth guitar strings backdrop showing off her very heavenly and beautifully angelic vocals.

As she sings about the endlessly divine and heavenly magical love she gives her lover, as well as expects back in return.  The transition at the end and the chorus, as well as those notes so magical and beautifully divine.  Not to mention so soothing and peaceful that’s the type of music we all need in these crazy times most of us are dealing with across all the world right now.  Off Alina’s very highly-anticipated sophomore album, It Was Divine, which is set for release in less than a month on May 5th.