Jon Connor Brings The Lyrical Pain To Opposition On New Single, The Pain 2020

Flint, Michigan emcee, Jon Connor, is dropping new music every Monday till the release of his highly-anticipated, SOS, project.  On his furiously fire new single, The Pain 2020, he proves too why when he’s really on his ish, he’s one of the illest lyricists and emcees alive.

Inspired by Method Man’s classic, Bring the Pain, and it’s competitive spirit to let competing MCs know that their weak approach is not appreciated.  Connor lyrically bring the pain, as he takes aim at his opponents and naysayers over the hostile new Kalen Dixon-produced track that’s also a flip of the classic record as well.  With such furious and hostile bars such as, “Look.  Y’all done fucked the game up.  Co-signin’ shit y’all know that y’all should be ashamed of.  But thank y’all for not cloggin’ my lane up.  Watch me.  That’s all you can do.  ‘Cause none of you n***as can stop me.  You lookin’ like Apollo Creed until he met Rocky.  Get it understood that my n***as got it locked.  Key to success, fuck a greatest rapper conversation if it’s not me.  I’m the coldest, that’s a easy answer.  How is that for sittin’ in the hot seat?  Better than your top three, fuck it, I’m my biggest fan.”