Elijah Blake Debuts New Video/Single, Frenemies

Easily one of mine and several others favorite artists at the moment and the past several years, happens to be very talented Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter, Elijah Blake.  Not dropping anything new since releasing his very vulnerably beautiful video for, To Be Loved, back in August of last year.  Also not releasing any new original music since he released his Christmas EP, Holiday Love, late last year.

Blake returns with the premier late last night through Vevo the crazy twist-turning video for, Frenemies.  His very infectious new single that finds the singer over the very infectious production singing about having to watch your back for those you think are friends, but really aren’t.  With such catchy lyrics and a hook as, “Trust nobody, I had to learn the hard way.  Trust nobody, real n***as dying everyday.  Trust nobody, they following me anyways cause they love to hate.”  That unfortunately many of us can relate to.

Also showing Blake’s versatility as an artist and songwriter to make very infectious and catchy records and not just the normal beautiful smooth and more soulful records dealing with love we are so used to from him.  The very twist-turning conceptually great accompanying visual that plays out like a small mini-movie, really bringing the record even more to life and showing what a truly great to the core artist that Blake is.

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