KXNG CROOKED Drops New Single, San Diego 2010, Announces New EP, The Sixteen Chapel

When it comes to some of the most lyrical and greatest storytelling emcees of all-time, there’s not too many, if even any better than Westcoast emcee, KXNG CROOKED.  The Long Beach native showing so again on his latest single, San Diego 2010.  Which finds Crook over the very cinematic production giving a very vivid storytelling rap about a plug he met and some of the stuff he went through back in the day before rapping.  Such lyrics as, “Going to met a plug, my cuzin gave me the intel.  Fischscale n***a that lives well, but keeps it under the radar.  Drivin’ by narcs cars in a smart car.  But I don’t know them from Adam, could be a dirty snitch.  The thought of new money is tempting.  Eve was a curvy b*^ch.  Pulled up to his house.  It was small, but yo I heard he rich.  Killin’ in his garage in some dirty kicks.  Owing me thirty bricks.”

Just showing part of the very cinematically great storytelling, you could envision as you listen to Crooked rap and continually show why he’s easily among the greatest emcees of all-time.  This just a taste of his just announced sure to be highly-anticipated latest project too.  The Sixteen Chapel EP.  Which is set to be released this Friday, March 6th.