Mýa Debuts Very Beautifully Stunning New Video, The Truth

Very beautifully gorgeous Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter, Mýa, is by far one of the most beautifully gorgeous women in the world.  Not to mention one of the more talented singer and songwriters of the last 20+ years in R&B/Soul, which she doesn’t always get enough credit for.

While yesterday Mýa proved once again why she’s easily one of the best singers and songwriters, as well as one of the most beautifully stunning and gorgeous women in the world with the debut through Vevo of her new Josh Sikkema-directed video for, The Truth.  By far one of the singers best records to date, the stunning new visual, which finds her in a very beautifully stunning gorgeous black dress and later a very elegantly stunning and angelic white dress shows how much better with age Mýa continues to get in both her stunningly effortless looks and soft angelic beautiful singing and vocals as well.

Taken from her very amazing latest solo album, Love Elevation Suite, the very beautifully gorgeous stunning new clip finds Mýa once again teaming with director Sikkema.  Who has directed the majority of her last few visuals to bring this very beautifully truthful and amazing record from the singer to life. As out at the beach Mýa appears to be getting ready for her big day for her own wedding or is she?  You have to watch the very beautifully stunning gorgeous new video all the way through to find out.