Mysonne Releases Powerful New Video/Single, You Don’t Hear Me Tho

Mysonne has always been one of the most realist emcees and lyricists in Hip-Hop with his always vivid lyricism and constant jewels, as well as powerful messages he has in his music to try to educate listeners and especially the youth.  Just as Hip-Hop was meant to be educating and giving knowledge to what’s real over the false realities most give of the culture and the streets.  Mys’ let’s it be known even though, “you don’t hear” him, he’s going to lead you to the real and not follow sheep like the blind on the appropriately titled powerful new single, You Don’t Hear Me Tho.  The very piano-laden cinematic Luxury Music-produced backdrop the perfect one for the BX emcee to spit those real knowledgeably sharp bars.  While the Mark Garcia-directed accompanying video that Mysonne himself co-directed with his longtime collaborative director really plays out quite masterfully and powerfully to bring the already powerful single even more to life.  With an ending you have to see to believe and really help educate the listeners.  Especially the youth, from falling into the wrong direction.