Jess Connelly Will Have You Hooked With Beautifully Amazing New Video, Hooked/Good Lover

Earlier this month one of the most talented upcoming singers and songwriters of this current great rising crop of great emerging R&B artists that has come about the past few years, Jess Connelly released her very beautifully soothing smooth and amazing new single, Hooked/Good Lover.  While today the beautifully talented and amazing singer debuted the Judd Figuerres-directed video for the beautiful piano-laden Lustbass-produced double-sided record.  A very beautifully shot visual, that from the perfect lighting to Jess’ harmonic and calmingly smooth, as well as unreal angelic voice that’s on full display with her just as unreal angelic beauty as she performs the song really helps bring it even more to life in a way that has me and will have plenty of more even more hooked than before to this very beautifully calmly soothing smooth and amazing record.  Not to mention the beautiful storytelling of that love in the visual to go with her amazingly beautiful performance in the house with Lustbass playing piano alongside, really is a true work of art that’s so beautiful it will possibly move you to tears or close to doing so.

That’s the mark of a true artist really bringing the ART in artist truly to life in a way that really hits and you can feel when you watch such a beautifully amazing record as this brought to life even more with a just as beautifully amazing, if not more great beautifully amazing accompanying visual as this.  Which is why Connelly is so loved and has us at not only hooked, but plenty other sites and fans.  This record and her latest EP, ATM, she just released this past Friday, showing what a truly great talent and artist she truly is.