KXNG CROOKED Channels Big Syke On Newest Weekly, I Think I’m Big Syke

We have reached Week 43 of The Weeklys for KXNG CROOKED and as we inch even closer to the end, the Long Beach emcee channels another Westcoast great, Big Syke.  As over the Dizz-produced flip of the 2Pac classic, All Eyez on Me, which features Big Syke, Crook pays homage to the late great former member of both Thug Life and the Outlawz with the appropriately titled, I Think I’m Big Syke.

Giving one of his best performances of this year’s version of his current weekly series, the LBC native shows yet again why he’s one of the illest emcee and lyricists of all-time period.  Consistently showing why he should be in everyone’s top five of all-time lists.  Really two or three, if not one for most.  With such bars as, “Smokin’ cigars in the cold rain.  Then I take a shower in my gold chain.  My new memories remedy my old pain.  I put my spirit on the tracks, call it soul train.  Hoes blowin’ on my sacks, call it Coltrane.  I’m going hockey with the raps, that’s a cold game.  My dark-skinned chick a rider in some gold frames.  My ex-chick is much lighter, that’s my old flame.”