Snoop Dogg, Rick Rock & Stressmatic Bring Old-School Classic Cali Flavor For New Video, Main Phone

A little over a week after dropping his 17th solo album, I Wanna Thank Me, Snoop Dogg is back with the fourth video already from the album.  Which also comes just a little over a week after he premiered the latest visual with the Nipsey Hu$$le tribute, One Blood, One Cuzz.

Once again directed by longtime personal director for Snoop and most of his Doggystyle Records fam, Dah Dah.  The new visual is for one of the most standout tracks on the album and one of my personal favorites, Main Phone featuring Rick Rock and Stressmatic.

The very Westcoast slapper, which is also produced by Rick Rock finds Snoop and Stressmatic bringing that old-school classic Westcoast Cali flavor riding around the streets of their hometown of Los Angeles in Snoop’s blue Bentley, while they rap their very catchy verses.  Rock and Stressmatic are also shown by the palm trees of California with Rock making the very slapping beat on his Akai Profesional MPC board, as Stressmatic sings the catchy hook.

To go with the classic Westcoast sounding feel of the record there is also parts of the visual that see Snoop and a bunch of his family members, as well as Stressmatic at a club, c-walking and doing a bunch of old school Hip-Hop dance moves, like B-Boying on the dance floor.  With cameos being made from everyone such as Snoop’s cuz and fellow DPGC member to even Bow Wow in a classic black-and-red N.W.A. t-shirt, as well as Snoop Dogg’s wife Mrs. Boss Lady in a matching classic Adidas tracksuit with Snoop.

You know the old-school feeling track and visual about having a, “main phone” without Snoop having two phones.  One of course being his, main phone.  You can watch the very fun and nostalgically classic Westcoast visual below.