KXNG CROOKED Has Too Many Dope Bars In Cadillac, For Newest Weekly

After flipping Eastcoast and Westcoast classics for his last few weeklys, KXNG CROOKED, finally gives a South classic some love on his newest installment of The Weeklys.  This time flipping the Outkast classic Two Dope Boyz (In a Cadillac) with the Dizz-produced, Cadillac, for Week 17, ironically enough today on the 25th Anniversary of Outkast’s very critically-acclaimed and groundbreaking debut album, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, and why it makes you wonder why he didn’t pick a beat from that album to flip.

Just getting better and better with each new weekly, Crook shows how bar-for-bar there’s lyrically no one delivering as many dope bars consistently for really probably the past three to five years, if not longer as he has.  Such quotables as, “My childhood was a curse to me.  Now I see it was necessary adversity.  Adversity builds character, if the earth can see a psychical version of my character, it would be Hercules.  I passed up money and kept integrity.  Antiperspirant, got a degree in sweat equity.  Passion, purpose and on a sea, I met destiny.  Rest assured reciprocity is the best recipe.  Excessively I’m just blessing the best records.  See my peers falling off, like you’re skin when you catch leprosy.  Whoever in the way, I rock you for your bands.  I ain’t trying to hear s**t, just kill the prey, I’m a Def Leapord, B.  I’m Miles Davis, improvisation on wild stages.  My snaps Raiders, I’m Al Davis.  I pound pages of intricate schemes against the machine, I’m outrageous.”  Just further proving it and why as I’ve been saying for almost 10 years, if not longer why Crook is one of the greatest to ever touch a mic period.