Alina Baraz Delivers 1 Of Lollapalooza’s Top Performances So Far With Beautifully Mesmerizing Performance

Alina Baraz performs with her backup dancers during her performance Friday evening by the Lake Shore stage for the second day of Lollapalooza on Aug. 3rd, 2018. Photo courtesy of Scott Witt/Lollapalooza 2018

Backed by a live band and a couple of backup dancers, beautifully talented singer, Alina Baraz, delivered Friday afternoon on the Lake Shore stage, what was easily one of the top five performances of Lollapalooza so far with her beautifully mesmerizing performance.

Vocally on point as one can be, Baraz swayed and moved her hips through much of her set, as she opened her set with her very mesmerizing opening track, Fallin, off her recently earlier this year released debut solo EP, The Color Of You.  She would then ask the crowd, “Are any of you familiar with, Urban Flora?”  To which the crowd responded a resounding, “Yes!”  Then she said, “Ok, then.”  Going into Urban Flora’s hypnotizing Can I and Fantasy, which had many of the women in the crowd swaying and moving their hips along with Baraz, as she sang the very mesmerizing lyrics to the hypnotizingly fantasy filled records.

Back to Grant Park for the second time in five years playing the festival, Alina showed how much her performance has truly grown in that time.  She would perform a couple more records from her collaboration EP with producer, Galimatias, Urban Flora.  But the majority of her set was her performing records from her very well received EP, The Color Of You.  Including the very upbeat, I Don’t Even Know Why Though.  Which is a huge difference from her mostly hypnotic and mesmerizing records we are used to hearing from her.

Baraz’s mostly smoothly soft vocals playing well and perfect for the early evening set she had.  You couldn’t have asked for a better time for her very mesmerizing performance that was truly one to remember and will definitely have her back in Chicago at Lollapalooza once again in a few short years for a third time.  By that time her very highly-anticipated debut album finally hopefully having been released and the possibility of Alina, if not being a headliner, at least playing a more primetime slot that’s the closest to it.