VanJess Release Hypnotic, Crazy New Taking Over Your Body Video, Control Me

Just this past Friday, Nigerian-American sisters, VanJess released their anticipated debut album, Silk Canvas.  Which you can look for a future review from us at some point.  To help celebrate the albums release the duo revealed through a premiere with TheFader the hypnotic and crazy new bone-breaking Dylan Knight-directed video for lead single, Control Me.  Which finds skilled dancer, Nicholas “Slick” Stewart, who’s body is taken over and being controlled throughout the visual.  As he is involuntary controlled like a puppet and someone has taken over his body with involuntary jerky dance moves and motions throughout the nearly four-minutes clip.  While VanJess deliver their amazingly smooth vocals, as they appear mirage-like in between scenes.  You can watch all the craziness of the crazy, yet dope new video below.