Mila J Continues To Deliver Quality Music, As She Gets Personal About An Ex On New EP, June 2018

As we reach the halfway point of 2018, Mila J has really been on a roll with those monthly EP drops.  Dropping quality music with each and everyone, but this newest one, June 2018 is easily the best of the bunch so far.  Another timeless one that is yet another very personal one about a former ex.

From the very opening track, I See You Lookin, and how personal Mila gets about what her ex was looking for and how this was the last straw in their relationship, you could tell you are getting her at her best.  The segue so seamlessly into, Without You, is so perfect too.  As Mila over the very catchy piano-laden and upbeat production sings the very catchy chorus about her real life and how much better her life is without her ex.

Listening to how beautiful, Somehow Someway, is and what it did to the Los Angeles native in her previous relationship with her ex, it makes you want her to eventually find true love.  Which as she points out in the very emotional lyrics, has somehow someway always alluded her even when Jamila in her real life thought she found a true love.  Which maybe a product of her having to grow up faster than most and not having much of a childhood because of her being in entertainment earlier than most, as she alludes to on the track, Crash, very playfully clever lyrics of, “I ain’t with the shit, I ain’t with the BS.  I’m going keep my XBox.  You could keep the PS.”

As with every other monthly EP released so far except for January 2018, Mila let’s MIGH-X get his shine own as the lone feature and the last track.  This time on the very personal, Did This To Myself.  Which finds him singing about all the wrong he did and messed up himself with love in a relationship he wasn’t really worthy of.

While this is yet another timeless EP from Mila and easily my personal favorite of all them so far, there’s a couple of things I would change that can still make future ones even better.  Which is have them be a lot longer and/or add one or two more records, as well as actually collaborate with MIGH-X on a record for once instead of always having him do records by himself.

Even though it was by far the shortest EP of all of them and why I probably feel she could make them a little longer, I’m really glad with all the not only music, but great music Mila has already provided us throughout all of 2018 so far and can’t wait to hear even more.