Rising Def Jam Singer/Songwriter Bibi Bourelly Premieres Video For Broke People Anthem, Ballin

Rising Def Jam R&B/Soul singer/songwriter Bibi Bourelly is a rising star whose face, you may have seen, but may not have recognized in a crowd.  Writing hits for such artists as Rihanna with her hit, B*^ch Better Have My Money, before stepping out on her own a little over four months ago with the release of her hit single, Ballin.

Earlier today the 22-year-old rising star premiered through Refinery29 by way of Vevo, the new Corey Wash-directed video for the record.  Amassing over three million plays on Spotify since its release, Bourelly opted to do everything independently by herself by shooting a small-budget video for the song instead of a big budget one like the label kept trying to have her do.

The rising star opting to use her own friends and a bustling New York neighborhood rather than actors and a studio setup, so she could keep it true to the authenticity of the record, which is an ode to being broke and all the struggles you go through in that time.

As you watch the video for the song, which Bourelly wrote when she was a broke 19-year-old just moving to Los Angeles, you can tell the authenticity and realness, as well as relatability matching a true genuine reflection of the actual song it wouldn’t have had, if she didn’t say, “F*^k you” to the label and do it on her own like she did.