New Video Stevie Wonder – Faith feat. Ariana Grande

A lot of marketing has been put into the release of today’s just hitting theaters, highly-anticipated new animated musical comedy, Sing and it continues today with the release of the new Garth Jennings-directed video for the Golden Globe-nominated collaboration from Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande, Faith.  The lead single from the movie’s soundtrack, the visual like the song is very upbeat and fun.  As it finds Ariana donning blonde hair, bellbottom overalls, mirrored shades, heels and colorful bracelets; like a throwback queen full of sass strutting and swaying her hips, as she sings the inspiring lyrics, while clapping her way down the street and chalk outlines of the films various animated characters come to life on a street wall behind her.  That cuts back and forth a few times between Ariana and Stevie playing the piano in a theater, as he lets loose his signature vocals, belting out the flirtatious jam.  Before Ariana joins Stevie for a finale of epic proportions that has Sing’s animated characters coming to full life.  Watch below and join in on the fun, as the collective shows the true power in the celebration of song, which will have you grooving along as well.