New Common – Black America Again Remix feat. Gucci Mane, Pusha T & BJ the Chicago Kid

Chicago emcee Common released his latest album, the very uplifting and socially political, Black America Again, nearly a week and a half ago with features from everyone from Bilal to Marsha Ambrosius, John Legend, BJ the Chicago Kid and the legendary Stevie Wonder.  One of the album’s more powerful and politically social-conscious records is the title track, which was initially a collaboration between the Chicago emcee and Wonder that tackles everything from the corrupt system of police, politics and everything in between going on right now in Black America.  First premiered in full through its just as powerful thought-provoking video back on Sept. 22nd, Com decided to revisit the record with a surprising remix featuring Gucci Mane and Pusha T.  Two artists you would never think of on politically social-conscious records, they add a nice twist to what the Chicago emcee, actor, activist and philanthropist thinks, is a very necessary remix, to add their perspective to arguably one of the Chicago and Hip-Hop legend’s most inspiring records of his entire career.  Fellow Chicago native, BJ the Chicago Kid is also featured on the new version, singing the hook.  You can listen below to the very unexpectedly dope new collaboration, not many ever, including Gucci thought would happen.  As Gucci raps, “Gucci Mane and Common, did you see that comin’?”  Also lookout for a possible review of Common’s album in the near future too.