Common Celebrates Love For The Everyday Black Woman In New Documentary, “Love Star”

Following last weeks release of his newest single, Love Star, Common has teamed with ESSENCE for a new documentary celebrating his love for black women.  It’s really all about love and the different ways you can be brought love in this nearly nine minute piece, which you can watch below and the Chicago emcee/actor/philanthropist and activist had the following to say:

The love between Black men and Black women is truly like no other and talented Hip Hop veteran Common is looking to bring that feeling to the forefront of the music conversation again with a new mini documentary titled, “Love Star.”  Check out the exclusive premiere of the short film below and keep reading to hear what Common told us about the magical process behind putting together this introspective celebration of Black love.

Named after his most recent single and inspired by his unforgettable performance at the 2016 ESSENCE Festival, Common says his goal for the Love Star project was a simple one: to honor Black Women from the perspective of a Black man.  “When I wrote the song, I was thinking about when you really love a person,” the Chicago lyricist tells ESSENCE.  “I thought about when I love a woman and I can enjoy her, but at the same time she can enjoy me and we can have fun and laugh.  But then there’s also a real bound that’s there that has spirituality, growth, support and integrity connected in it.  We’re willing to make mistakes, but we’re there for each other; that’s true love.

Common went on to break down exactly what a “Love star” is, before elaborating on how this year’s ESSENCE Festival influenced the project.

I will let you watch the whole Nefertite Nguvu directed project to figure that out though.

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