Perm or Weave? Rachel Dolezal has put an end to the hair debate

Black Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have been relentless since the news broke about the former Spokane Chapter NAACP president, Rachel Dolezal. There have been many questions and speculation regarding her reason for choosing to identify as a black woman, however, the hair debate has been ongoing and the topic of many social media memes and beauty shop talk. Is it a perm or a weave?

There are several pictures floating around social media of her wearing long faux locs and box braids in various styles, and a infamous curly fro. Social media is filled with support, disdain, confusion, and curiosity about it all, asking the question, “how did she pull it off?”

In an interview with NBCBLK’s Amber Payne (after much probing from Payne and some pushback from Dolezal) Dolezal cautiously states, “Well, because you’re you and I’m here…this is a weave and I do it myself…”

Now that the whole Rachel Dolezal situation has exhausted its time in the media spotlight, and she has put an end to the hair and “who is her hair stylist” question, I hope everyone can move on to more pressing matters in society. News that is much more worthy of the attention we are giving Mrs. Dolezal.


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