New K. Michelle – Maybe I Should Call

With her highly-anticipated sophomore album, order Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart? set to drop on Dec. 9th, very sexy and talented R&B/Soul songstress K. Michelle returns with her latest single, Maybe I Should Call. A very amazing piano-driven ballad produced by Eric Hudson where Michelle let’s it be known she’s vulnerable to a man’s love that is having a baby with another woman and likely to get married to that woman. Rather then just let him go like most woman would, Michelle shows she’s vulnerable to his love and still feeling like she’s in love with him, the songstress debates the pros and cons of whether she should still call him or not to let him know how she feels. Emphatically singing “I love him, I love him, I love him… Maybe I should call, Maybe I should call,” on the very catchy chorus, the songstress also debates if that’s a reason why she doesn’t have a man with her not being able to ever call. If you really love this very poignant record from K., which really let’s her show off her very amazing vocals yet again and want to hear more amazing material then you can look forward to the video for her lead single, Love Em All, later tonight and more material leading up to the release of AWBAH in a little over a month from now.

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