New The Game – Married To The Game feat. French Montana, Sam Hook & Dubb

With exactly a week (Oct. 14th) till the release of his new Blood Money compilation album, generic Blood Moon: Year of the Wolf, click Westcoast emcee The Game gives us a little taste of the album with his appropriately titled new track, hospital Married To The Game. As over the very Westcoast sounding, live instrumentation and perfectly slowed up air horns of the Boi-1da production, the Los Angeles native is joined by New York’s French Montana and fellow Los Angeles native, as well as his own signee Dubb with Sam Hook appropriately handling hook duties on the track for the very well put together record. The way Boi-1da slows the production down as the air horns go off before each verse and run through each of the threes verses is perfectly executed and how the live instrumentation is run through the amazing hook sung by Hook is also very well placed. This is definitely by far the best of the tracks from the album I have heard so far and I really like how Game truly let’s Dubb shine at the end of the track to show how great of an emcee he’s with how hungry and lyrically he buried it by painting the perfect picture of how rough it was for him growing up in the South Central area of L.A. to get to where he is now and end off this very dope track right before Hook’s amazing hook kicks in one last time. This is definitely another track too that really shows how that despite it being a compilation, it has me really anticipating the album that much more with how much not only Game and Dubb, but French Montana went surprisingly in on this track and how so far for the most part Game has really brought out the best of not only himself, but his features as well.

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