New Grafh – Control (I’ll Body You) Freestyle!

Grafh - Control (I'll Body You) freestyle cover

With all the hype and publicity that Kendrick Lamar’s recent Control verse has rightfully gotten you knew there would be an onslaught of freestyle responses and especially from New York emcees.  One emcee in particular you knew would respond that we actually haven’t heard from in awhile is QB rep Grafh and you knew he would not only go lyrically insane, but straight body and murk the No I.D.-produced instrumental for the appropriately titled Control (I’ll Body You) freestyle and bar none one of the top if not absolute best responses so far.  Another one of the top responses so far that I included as a bonus is from BX emcee Mysonne, who most knew would respond and come correctly on it too like he did with Uncontrollable.  Ps – With all the responses that keep coming to the track I may keep them in one post rather than keep posting new posts.