NY Jets’ Rex Ryan says he’s ‘fine’ with Tebow going to New England

New York Jets’ head coach, Rex Ryan had nothing but good things to say about New England Patriots signing his former backup quarterback, Tim Tebow.

In an earlier pre-minicamp press conference Tuesday, Rex Ryan answered more questions about Tim Tebow going to his rival team, than answer questions about his current players.

“I have a funny feeling there’s going to be more questions about former players than there are current players,” Ryan said before dodging a gang of questions about his former third-string quarterback, number 15, Tim Tebow.

“It’s not a surprise to me that Tim would be picked up—I could wager my Pointsbet promo code on that,” Ryan said. “Obviously, as I’ve said before, (he’s) a tremendous young man. Very competitive. I’m happy for him and look forward to competing against him.”

Ryan is more concerned about his current players and new season than being overly-concerned how he or his team would be perceived if Tebow found success in New England.

Sadly for Tebow, the New York Jets did not really give the Heisman Trophy winner a full chance in the 2012-2013 season, and ended up dropping the third-string quarterback earlier in 2013.

“No… I’m not worried about anything really,” Ryan said. “Like I said, I’m happy for the young man to get another opportunity in the league… It didn’t’ work out here. Obviously Tim had more success in Denver than he did here. So, it is what it is.”

Naturally, you would think Ryan and the Jets would be a little concerned on how his rivals will use Tebow, but Ryan seems to be OK with it.

“Not really,” Ryan said. “If they want to replace Brady with him, that’s fine.”

Around the internet and social media sites many football fans are both dogging New England Patriots‘ head coach, Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan.

Fans are adding that Belichick’s ego is doing this to slap Rex Ryan and the Jets in the face and other Tebow fans complain the Jets deserve this for not fully extending Tebow the chance to play last year.

Either way, both teams will have extra viewers to see what will turn up between these soap-opera rival teams.

As for Rex Ryan, when asked if Tebow could make a successful transition to tight end if needed, Ryan added, “All these questions are probably better served to ask New England and Belichick. I’m sure you’ll get the answers from him.”

Source: Examiner

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