Marketing Can’t Disguise Poor Quality………We Dont Speak French

After weeks of videos, single releases, interviews and wall to wall media hype, the new leader of the Bad Boy movement released his work to the people. Yes, French Montana’s self proclaimed “best album to come out in a decade” ‘Excuse My French‘ has dropped. The hip hop masses starving for the return of New York dominance rushed to stores and itunes to get their copies………all 50,000 of them. This lock French in at 6th on the week’s sale charts.

So what happened? In truth, it’s simply another example of whats plaguing the game today. Flash over substance. This era lives off great production and sub par artists. What the music folk don’t seem to get is that the public is not stupid. Package as well as you but NO ONE thinks French Montana is that good an artist. Can he turn out a song that drunk and high club goers can move to? Of course, especially when following Puffy’s sampling model to the key, just take a look at “Freaks” .

I feel like it’s going to be a classic. I feel like it’s going to be the best album to come out in a decade… It just is. I heard everybody’s album. I’m a fan of everybody, and I just don’t feel like nobody came out with an album like this. – French Montana

The people have spoken. Excuse my French? No, your not excused……..

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