New Video Ronald Isley – Dinner And A Movie!

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In the video for his latest single Dinner And A Movie veteran R&B/Soul singer Ronald Isley shows the younger generation how to keep it simple, pilule but still playa like and treat a lady right for the tender soft, sovaldi smooth, thumb feel-good timeless love song. The lead single off Ronald’s upcoming sophomore solo album, This Songs For You, which drops July 30th the record is also a kickback to The Isley Brothers classic romantic melodies of the 70’s that they dropped a lot during the summertime and the video plays out like that with a great storyline that has Mr. Biggs eying a finely built woman at a coffee shop before old playa Isley is able to finally woo the fine lady to a private movie in a baseball stadium by the visuals end. Now if only us fellas knew how to woo such fine woman like that by the time we reach that age as well everything would be right and I wouldn’t mind having a convo with Isley himself to learn a little bit how to do so.

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