New Common – Congratulations feat. Cocaine 80s

Common in the studio.

Chicago native and legend Common and fellow Chicagoan, for sale as well as frequent collaborater No I.D. get together for this very soulful, upbeat and jazzy new record Congratulations featuring the Cocaine 80s collective.  As Com delivers that grown man summertime Chicago rap with the best storytelling track I have heard from him in awhile that has that “Be” vibe to it, as he spits about a bachelor party he just finished, and all the good times he and his best friend have gone through as he gets ready to be his best man at his friends wedding and the hesitations he has about his friend getting married on this very inspiring track that sounds like that classic Common Sense we are used to hearing.  The church vibe of this is perfectly timely released with tomorrow being Sunday and the summertime vibe is perfect with summer being very shortly around the corner as well.