RZA Reveals Details on 2 ODB Films in the Works

Ol’ Dirty Bastard will go down as one of the most unique figures in the history of Hip Hop. In an attempt to capture some of the essence of ODB’s life and share his story with the people, individuals closest to him are hard at work on a couple biopics on the last MC.

“Dirty White Boy” starring Michael K. Williams follows ODB in the last few years of his life while another film “Dirt: One Word Could Change The World is in works with much involvement from ODB’s family.  RZA gave some info about the projects, and he will apparently be part of both, “There’s two things going on with the ODB situation.  There’s “Dirty White Boy”, which is about the manager of ODB, and his last two years. And there’s another one with a working title called, “Dirt: One Word Could Change The World”,that his family is more involved with.” RZA adds that he wants to help out wherever he can, “I’m involved with both, anything about his life, I want to help out with any capacity. His mother told me I should come in and help.”

Quotes via HipHipDX

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