Is the Music to Blame? 18-Year old Chicago Rapper Killed

Amidst the constant reports of gun violence and shooting deaths in Chicago communities today Chicago Tribune was able to report that yesterday, 16 year old Chicago rapper Joseph Coleman aka Lil Jo was GUNNED DOWN in what police believe was a gang/hip hop related beef.

Lil Jo was a fairly unknown rapper here in Chicago, trying to make his way behind the meteoric rise of fellow Chicago artists Chief Keef and his GBE movement. Coiencidentally Lil Jo’s rival has been Lil Reese of the GBE imprint, another well known Chicago rapper which brings up the question seemed to be forgotten for years since the Biggie/Pac beef. When does rap get too REAL?

This public exhange of disses went from Twitter to YouTube, and now to the morgue. Video below shows Lil Jo and his group, driving past his alleged rival Lil Reese taunting and then driving away while we hear someone from taht group yelling “I’m Gonna Kill You”.

We know the classic saying “Guns don’t kill people, People kill people”, and the argument that the violence portratyed through music is not the cause of violence across America. Gang violence is obviously a serious issue and threat across teh country, especially in Chicago. I WILL SAY that in this case the music was CLEARLY a vessel and a catalyst used to escalate a situation that was already volitile. The music that represents the gang culture is definitely to blame, providing a mass communication method promoting the ideology of violence and no respect for our communities or history. Let’s do better.

Below is another Video from JoJo….IS this the life we want our children to live?