Great Loss in the Hip Hop Family….RIP Chris Lighty

Yesterday the Hip Hop community lost one of the most successful, most fluential and inspiration men in the game as we all learned of Chris Lighty’s untimely passing. As Hip Hop attempts to grasp the magnitude of the loss that’s just acquired, many have turned their online platforms onto shining memorials of the life and times of Chris Lighty. On we get the following …..

I hope and wish that this tragic event helps open the eyes of people in this world to the importance of the mentality of black men.  Black men are raised to be strong and by default tend to never ask for help, an ear or anything for that matter. Please tell those who you love, that you love them.

In the Hip Hop spotlight live in 24/7 pleasure and luxury and it’s just no the case. We all battle demons daily and we all can use the love and support of our people to overcome.

Words via Miss Info

Words via D.Smith

Images via Up North Trips


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