Beanie Sigel Feat. State Property “The Reunion”

With Philly MC Beanie Sigel creeping closer to jail time for Tax offenses we get a laid back video from Beans and a reunited State Property crew a la the classic Roc joint “One For Peedi Crakk”. This is the first release of Beanie’s upcoming This Time album set for release later this month.

In addition to this new music drop Beanie linked with HipHopDX to speak on his jail sentence and upcoming projects.

“I’m done [with prison]. It’s over!” he said. “In that environment, this outside world…you gotta hang all that up. When I go in there, I won’t be Beanie Sigel. I’ll be 57613-066. That’s who I’ll be. I won’t be Beanie Sigel. I’m not gonna sit in my cell and write rhymes everyday. That’s a real thing inside. There’s people inside who ain’t ever coming out of those buildings. I would talk to them and do my best to be a window for some of ’em who are never gonna make it outta there. We all have the same commissary, we all have the same amount of money on our books, we all gonna eat the same food and nobody cell gonna look different. I’m gonna be a number like everybody else.”

*Full Interview Here*