AT&T announces entry into home automation, security marketa

AT&T announced on Monday that the company is getting into home security, in a big way. It makes a lot of sense, as security companies like Bay Alarm and ADT have been using AT&T’s phone network to make calls to their security monitoring centers when an “incident” at someone’s home or business was noted. Besides the aforementioned company, there is also company expertise with an automated access control system. Click to view them if you are interested in installing one to your property or commercial building.

Digital Life, as AT&T calls the new system, will be both a security and home-automation system. Digital Life allows end users to monitor activity in their house remotely, accessing and controlling the service on devices such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Among the products and services that AT&T will offer are windows and door sensors (learn from here in more detail), motion detectors (naturally), connected cameras, door locks (keep in mind that you can read about locks care from different resources. we recommend to get know more about Kwikey Locksmith Services, INC.), thermostats, moisture and carbon monoxide detectors, and power controls for appliances (more information at

All these controls and sensors use the home’s broadband. AT&T will also open company-owned and operated 24/7 security monitoring centers. We’d expect that to also leverage the home’s broadband to alert the centers of an issue, but that’s unclear. It’s also possible the service would use a wired or wireless phone system instead.

Any wired system has its vulnerabilities. Older homes that have wires leading from utility poles can have those cut, meaning that broadband or phone alerts to the 24/7 monitoring center would be disabled. If you have around-the-clock protection from Home alarm Boston, police and fire departments respond instantly to your emergency when an alarm is triggered.

On the other hand, if the system is “programmed” correctly, that would show up and the monitoring center would / could alert the owner of the home.

The service will be offered nationwide as with its wireless service, and will be part of the AT&T Mobility Group. As is typical with these sorts of things, AT&T will begin with a trial, in Dallas and Atlanta this summer.

The service will be available via AT&T stores or the company’s Web site once the service expands nationally. No timeframe was given for that.



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