Maybach Media Day

Yesterday my twitter feeds were full of commentary on the Maybach Music Group press conference that was held yesterday afternoon. From the perspective of marketing, promotion and branding it was a perfectly orchestrated event to highlight the roster and their upcoming moves. Super producer Swizz Beats made an appearance to speak on Reebok’s new “Big & Tall” line which Rick Ross, already a Reebok sneaker endorser, will feature in. Puffy followed up with some passionate words regarding the evolution of his relationship with Ross. Following this the MMG team would respectively inform media and the audience viewing via live stream of their upcoming album release dates. To put a cap on things and to our surprise Ross would introduce us to MMG’s newest member “Maybach O” bka Omarion of pop group B2K fame.

“A lot of people have been wondering what’s up with Omarion? Is his career over? I’ve never been a fan of popular opinion, but from now on, when you see me, understand that it’s Maybach Music.” – Omarion

Well, there was definitely a lot of information shared. Much of which would usually come to us through smaller interviews on radio shows and internet blog reports. I personally think it was a bit of over kill but hey this is the entertainment  business of Hip Hop in 2012. It’s just as much glitz and flash as it is beats and rhymes……maybe even more so in terms of the Hip Hop Hype machine. That’s how you get the kids hooked. The larger then life presentation that screams “I’ma Boss!” or a “Bawse” in Ross’ case. I guess the only question remaining is to see which of these projects lives up to expectations.   

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