[BREAKING] George Zimmerman Charged In Trayvon Martin Murder


The Special Prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin case Angela Corey, tadalafil has announced that shooter, levitra George Zimmerman, treat who, in My Personal Opinion, ruthlessly hunted down young Trayvon Martin and murdered him for walking while Black, “looking like he was up to no good”, has been charged with second degree murder and has been taken into custody. Zimmerman is said to have turned himself in, but only after a warrant was issued for his arrest, some 45 days after the murder of young Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman is said to be held at an undisclosed location.

And while this is a step in the right direction, one has to wonder why it took so long for Zimmerman to be arrested and charged? And why is he only charged with second degree murder and not first degree murder? The Hip Hop Democrat will be watching this case closely, and report on any and all news pertinent to this case. One can only hope, that JUSTICE will finally be served.

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