Woman Dies in Jail, After Refusing to Leave Hospital for Poor Treatment


Above is the photo of Anna Brown, a 29 year old woman who was arrested in September of 2011 by Richmond Fields police for trespassing at St. Mary’s Health Center. Anna Brown, who had lost custody of her two children and was homeless, was complaining of extreme pain in her legs and that she was unable to stand. Video, obtained by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch , shows Anna Brown in a wheelchair refusing to leave the hospital because she said she was still in pain after treatment and needed to be seen again. She was then arrested and dragged to her jail cell by the Richmond Fields PD.

A doctor at the hospital said Anna Brown was healthy enough to be locked up and that’s when the officers took her. Anna Brown was later found dead in a jail cell. She died from blood clots that originated in her legs, and then travelled to her lungs. The officers originally suspected Anna Brown was on drugs and that that’s what contributed to her death. An autopsy revealed the blood clots are what killed her. Anna Brown had no drugs in her system.

Almost six months later the family of Anna Brown is still trying to figure out how she died in Police custody, and is the Hospital also to blame, for being negligent in her care. One has to wonder how the Hospital didn’t find the blood clots in her legs, especially since Anna Brown was in so much pain and unable to walk.

Click here for more of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch report and video of the incident. Video which is just now, coming to light.

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