Instagram begins taking ‘reservations’ for Android version

We already knew that Instagram was coming to Android, just not when. Well, if you want to know exactly when the Android version is available, Instagram has a web page for you.

Android fans can sign up there to be the first in line for the Android version, when it launches. It’s unclear exactly what signing up does, but it’s possible that entering your email address in the form sets users up a beta release of the app before it hits Google Play, the Amazon Appstore and other Android-centric markets.

Instagram, a photo-sharing app, has met with huge success on the iOS devices, garnering 27 million users. Meanwhile, it’s also met with critical success: Apple named Instagram its 2011 iPhone App of the Year.

Recently, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom said that the company had two people working on an Android version of the app. That may not sound like many, but when Systrom made the statement, the company had 10 employees, total. That’s a major investment.

From the Android fans we’ve spoken to who are chomping at the bit, it will probably pay off.