The Vigilante Slaying of Trayvon Martin is a Grim Reality Check of Progress Not Made.

Who knows what the life of Trayvon Martin would have evolved into. The wasted potential adds on to the mountain of young Black men snuffed out in this country. We don’t say it publicly but it’s understood by ALL races in the U.S. There is an extra danger that comes with existing as a Black man. What’s scarier is the fact that the violent death of a young black man is accepted in this nation as a way of life. Make no mistake about it. To the people that knew Trayvon personally this is a heartbreaking tragedy. To folk like me who connect to this daily threat this is an injustice. But to the population at large, this is something that just happens. The details may differ, the faces change but in the end America accepts that WE die violently…often.

America, the land of the free, the home of the brave…ruled by greed, built by the slaves. Behind the shining front that is thrown up for the masses there is an evil in the purest form flowing within this nation. It’s been systematically set up for us to accept some things and cry bloody hell at others. A solider dies in combat, yes we mourn but our lives go on because that was part of the plan. A criminal is shot down by the police and the same reaction occurs. Now if little Billy is cut down in cold blood and the nation explodes! Politicians call for immediate action to right this heinous wrong and let that killer be a black and see the system move at light speed…but when Billy Mitchell is a Trayvon Martin we barely blink. The value of a young Black life still isn’t worth that much effort. We’re still portrayed as the Big Bad Black Man and killing us off young prevents one more of us from reaching adulthood. Trayvon supposedly looked suspicious and you know what I look suspicious too. As does my father, my brother and many, many more black men. There’s always something about us that strikes fear in others or at least that’s what we’re told.

The Facts already known in the killing of Trayvon Martin are more then enough for an arrest and the pressing of charges. In addition to that they are enough facts known to seriously suspect some major inefficiencies with the system. From the officer on the scene to the chilling 911 recordings, the killers record both criminal and within the community and Florida infamous “shoot first”law, the writing is clearly on the wall. It’s just up to you to look at it.

Some steps forward and many steps back…….sure there’s been progress, but we won’t all grow to be President. Apparently jusy living all enough to grow isn’t even a guarantee. What bothers me so much is the hypocritical aspect of the continued foul and inhumane stereotyping and treatment of the Black Man. Look around and be honest with yourself. How much of modern and popular culture leads back to Black culture. The Black man is copied, imitated, used for such grand inspiration then discarded like so much trash…America does not react to anything short of the extreme so what must we do to get the message across that our lives are just as valuable as any others?

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