Is KONY “Famous” Yet ????


Roughly a week after my 1st viewing of the KONY2012 video I can honestly say that I have no clue how I am going to proceed. Do I know more about the criminal Joesph Kony and the reasons why he should be dealt with? Yes I do, but with that simple knowledge came a wave of almost immediate backlash to the KONY2012 movement. People question the authenticity of the Invisible Children organization. There are cries of fraud and scam. Doubts exist as to where the money really goes and why there is this sudden interest in the nation of Uganda, not long after new reserves of oil were discovered there. Is this American propaganda to cover up another wild oil chasing campaign? Is this the “white man” trying to swoop in and play survivor to the lowly, helpless Africans. Can this be a genuine cause that will be lost under the weight of our distrustful, skeptical natures.

I’m still researching for myself and truthfully dont know what I’ll do if anything……..a friend said something interesting to me. “Would this be better received if a black woman was pushing it? Or would her not being African be an issue?” The U.S or the West, however you want to call it does have a lot to answer for but much of that are the moves of politicians and folk we 9 to 5ers dont deal with. Does that mean an American grassroots group can’t be about a positive goal? I dont know. Is the questioning of this campaign valid reasoning for the U.S to stop trying to save everyone else and get its’ own country in order? In the very least we all know more about a person of pure wickedness who most of us wouldn’t lose sleep over upon hearing of his passing.

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