Birthers At It Again As Arizona Sheriff “Investigates” President Obama’s Birth Certificate


Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the self-proclaimed “America’s toughest sheriff” has opened his own investigation into President Obama’s birth certificate, as he feels the long form birth certificate released to the public(because of lunatic birthers like the hair-challenged Donald Trump) is a fraud.

“We don’t know who the perpetrators of the documents are”, Arpaio stated at a news conference. He also stated that he’s not going after President Obama, but that it’s “my job to find out”. This could be, and most likely is, his response to the President limiting his powers when it comes to immigration. Not only is Arpaio under investigation by the Justice Department for racial profiling, but he’s also facing a federal grand jury probe into allegations of abuse of power. This stunt he’s pulling is probably apart of his re-election campaign, though Arpaio denies it.

Apparently these birther lunatics just aren’t going to go away and continue to perpetrate the trend of disrespecting this nations first African-American President. This is borderline racist(actually, it is quite racist)as none of President Obama’s European-American counterparts have ever been subjected to claims that they weren’t born in this country and asked to show their birth certificates.

From the racist E-mails, to the tar baby comments, to attacks on President Obama’s lovely wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, this author has to ask… How long will this ridiculous insanity be permitted to continue?

Source: The Root
Photo: Getty Images

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