What Does Being a Democrat Really Mean?

Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Anarchist, Green Party, Tea Party, the list of options for one to politically align themselves seems endless. But this is part of the problem right? Who really believes all the things that these political factions define themselves as? I for one am closer to a Democrat than any of the other options. But I’m about as close as I am to being an astronaut. I believe in a lot of things that are pro-Democratic. I don’t mind a big government, as long as the size is not all in the military and nothing in social programs like education and healthcare. I am pro-choice as long as it is not used as birth control. I am for gun control and I believe we should make a conscious effort to go green.

But does being pro-choice, gun control, and pro social programs like health care make me a Democrat? Doesn’t that just make me a liberal person? Can you be liberal and be a republican? Can I be conservative and be a democrat? Anymore I would say that whatever meaning that used to be attached to the words democrat and republican no longer exist. It seems that everyone who is liberal is a democrat and conservatives are republicans. So why keep the two party system and the titles? Why not have candidates that run under no title or affiliation, just run with their platforms. When will we have a candidate stand up and say, “I’m not a democrat, a republican, a conservative or a liberal? I am not an American. I am just a person, just a person who thinks I could do these things better. Here is what I would like to do if you would let me.”

If you ask me that would be the freshest breathe. Sadly that will not happen and the people are beginning to recognize that. When the Occupy Wall St. protests started after being encouraged by the Arab Spring Revolutions I saw a group of people finally fed up with the government. Not just one aspect of the government but the entire entity, the idea almost puts a stale taste in ones mouth. I hope good things come for America. But, as long as we continue to elect people who bicker over petty concepts because the party they side with says to do so, we will get nowhere.

Mathew Dho


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