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Written by hiphopdemocrat in Entertainment,Hip Hop on Oct 14th 2010

Justin Beibers’ Rapper Alter-Ego “Shawty Mane”


Who is Shawty Mane? Why, it’s Justin Bieber, who says in his Shawty video, “You guys might know me as the guy, y’know, who sings ‘Baby,’ y’know … I’m a singer … I’m white. But y’know, I just wanted to do this just to prove that I got skills on, on, on the rap game, so yeah, what up ….”

“I killed that. Ai, peace.”

Bieber posted the “Speaking in Tongues” video Wednesday via his Twitter page.

So watch it, then tell us which Bieber incarnation you prefer. 


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  1. […] we posted a video of Justin Bieber (aka Shawty Mane) freestyling over Vado and Cam’Ron’s “Speaking In Tungs” hit the net. The NY Daily News reached out to the Harlem MC and got his two cents on the […]

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