New Windows Phone Ads Released featuring HTC Mondrian


Although Microsoft has a tough job making Windows Phone 7 relevant in a world already full of competing platforms, and two that are considered state of the art (Android and iOS), we know it will through tons of advertising at it. Two Windows Phone 7 ads, featuring the HTC Mondrian have hit the Web, although it’s unclear when they will air on television.

The first shows people looking at their phones rather than the world around them. The message of this ad is that Windows Phone 7 will enable you to catch up on your smartphone activities quickly, so that you can pay attention to life.

Some of the “life” that people were missing, looking at their phones, were a person looking at his phone instead of paying attention to riding his bike, one who eschews his wife in some sexy black lingerie, another with his feet dangling in shark-infested water, one who drops his Mondrian into a urinal, and tons of people running into other people. The only thing missing is a car wreck. The tagline of the ad:

“It’s time for a phone to save us from our phones. New Windows Phone, the first phone designed to bring you the stuff you need … and get you back to what matters.”

The second ad is a woman, with the same sort of message: get what you want done quickly, and get back to life. She says, “I’m in, I’m out, and back to my life, not like that poor guy.” Then the announcer comes in with “Less stop and stare, more glance and go. New Windows Phone. Get yours at AT&T.


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