Republican Senator Dresses As Confederate Soldier, Poses With Black Men Dressed As Slaves

A South Carolina Senator is making headlines after being pictured dressed as a confederate soldier and posing with two Black men dressed as slaves.

A Republican women’s conference took place last weekend in Charleston, South Carolina and during the event they ladies held their traditional “A Southern Experience” party.

During the event Senate President Pro-tempore Glenn McConnell was photographed in a traditional confederate soldier uniform with two Black men wearing “historical garb.”

The pictures were found by FitsNews blogger Will Folks who discovered the photos on a Facebook page.

Additional pictures were found including one of Senator McConnell on the dance floor in the uniform while other guests are seen in formal attire.


He has since released a statement on the photos saying,

“It was a friendly photograph…It’s a great statement as to how far this state has come.”

He also added,

“Receive it in the spirit it was presented that evening,” but refused to apologize.

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