Rhymefest Discusses Chicago Violence and Community Development [VIDEO]

Rhymefest appeared on Chicago Tonight to discuss his album El Che and his stance on the current state of Chicago and personal responsibility.

In the interview which aired this week on Chicago’s WTTW Channel 11, Rhymefest explains how rappers should own up to their personal responsibility for the current state of their neighborhoods.

“I feel that when I come home to Chicago, I see two Chicagos,” Ryhmefest said. “I see the Chicago where people hear about people getting shot and the Chicago where people see it outside of their door and as a rapper, I feel that it is our responsibility to come home and give back to our communities to help them see a better way out.”

Rhymefest also talked about rappers developing the downtrodden areas and serving the community.

“I think that it is important that we give back to the communities,” Fest continued. “I personally feel good to be able to build a grocery store in the neighborhood so that mothers don’t have to buy tomato paste out of the gas station.”

In addition to discussing his views on various topics and his family life, Rhymefest also performs two songs off of his album acapella.


(Hip Hop Wired)