Mexican Cartel Put Million Dollar Bounty On Arizona Sheriff

The infamous Mexican Cartel  is gaining national attention, not for the massive drug war going on in Mexico, but for the million dollar bounty that they have put out on an Arizona Sheriff.

According to published reports, Mexican Cartel members sent out mass text to let people know that they are offering $1 million dollars for the murder of Arizona Sheriff Arapayo. The message, which is written in Spanish, is said to have originated in Mexico and urges recipients to keep passing it along.

Reports also state that in addition to the bounty, the cartel is offering $1,000 to anyone who wants to become a member of the deadly organization.

Police became aware of the text after a good samaritan, who wishes to remain anonymous, was shown the text by his girlfriend.

“My girlfriend showed me the text,” the man said in an interview with Phoenix’s Fox 10 News. “I was so disgusted that I called the sheriff’s office and filed a complaint.”

According to the sheriff secretary, Sheriff Arapaio receives death threats daily, but this one appears to be more credible due to Arapayo’s stance on the immigration law and the million dollar bounty.

“The FBI is paying attention and aware of it,” Secretary Lisa Allen said. “Arapaio gets threats pretty routinely, but with his role in the immigration law and the million dollar bounty, we are being a little more careful.”

(Hip Hop Wired)