President Obama speaks on NASA, space exploration, and Mars (video)

On April 15, 2010, President Obama spoke live from the John F. Kennedy Space Center about the future of NASA, space exploration, and Mars. The news conference was met with great anticipation as there are only three space shuttle expeditions left and many believe the future of space exploration, travel, and NASA jobs are an uncertainty. President Obama described the future of NASA as the next chapter in the nation’s story of space exploration.

President Obama spoke about the differences that the nation faces with space exploration compared to those of generations past.

“We’re no longer racing against an adversary. We’re no longer competing to achieve a singular goal like reaching the Moon. In fact, what was once a global competition has long since become a global collaboration. But while the measure of our achievements has changed a great deal over the past 50 years, what we do , or fail to do, in seeking new frontiers is no less consequential for our future in space and here on Earth.”’

President Obama clarified that he is 100% committed to NASA and its future.

You may watch the video below for the entire press conference held by President Obama regarding his plans for NASA, space exploration, and human travel.