AT&T goes green.

With their new ZERO charger and the option for paperless billing, AT&T is making a couple of leaps in decreasing the size of their carbon footprint.
The AT&T ZERO Charger is the first mobile phone charger that will not waste any energy when it is plugged into the wall. Every other charger will out there will continue to use energy to charge a phone even when one is not plugged up to it. With the ZERO Charger, AT&T is predicting they will be able to save enough energy that is equal to what it takes to power 24,000 homes for a full year. The charger will also be one of the most interchangeable chargers ever manufactured, allowing for future use on different devices.
Second on the docket to decrease their carbon footprint is their initiative to urge 1 million of their customers to sign up for paperless billing. For every customer that signs up, AT&T will have one tree planted in their honor. The numbers for this step are pretty impressive; once the 1 million customers are signed up, the mobile provider is predicting that they will save 400,000 pounds of paper, 6 million pounds of greenhouse gases, and 4 million gallons of wastewater will have been saved per year.

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