KFC to release racist TV AD in Australia

KFC’s newest advertisement on Australian TV has many people around the world, mainly Americans in uproar over its contents.
KFC’s racist TV ad is being talked about and debated on Youtube, The Huffington Post and Facebook with people weighing in on whether they think the ad is racist or not.
After watching the Ad which features a crowd of black west indians supporting the West Indies cricket team, with one white Australian supporter who appeases them with KFC chicken, I really can’t say that I find the ad that offensive at all.

As many commenters have noted, the racial connotations are really picked up by Americans who have a negative stereotype of black people and fried chicken. I personally don’t think this ad is playing into that sterotype at all.

What are your thoughts on the Australian KFC commercial that people are calling racist?

Watch the ‘KFC Racist Ad’ that is garnerning so much talk below: