Interview with Warren G about ‘The G Files’ and more


HHD: Tell us about the album and how its different from your previous albums.

Warren G: It’s different because I touch on the electric hip hop sound, I never used to mess with sounds like that before. I got a joint with Snoop called “Swagger Rich” that’s like electric g-funk so it G-Files is definitely different. I’m also doing a lot of story telling on the album, its more visual.

HHD: Who are some of the artists you collaborated with?

Warren G: I worked with Snoop, E1, Raekwon, Travis Barker I mean I worked with a lot of names.

HHD: What was it like working with Travis Barker?

Warren G: It was cool, he’s a good dude. I sat in the studio with him, I was smoking a big blunt and we just vibed. I let him hear the record and he liked is, he said he wanted to put his drums on it. It was great I had a ball.

HHD: How do you feel about hip hop right now and what direction do you see it going in?

Warren G: I’m feeling hip hop right now, I like it. I see it going in a much more positive direction, talking to the youth through music. We need to start thinking about that more, the youth.

HHD: What do think the difference is between rappers from the South vs. Rapper from the East Coast & West Coast?

Warren G: The difference is Southern rappers make music for the clubs, making it rain in the strip clubs. NY rappers are on something else they’re more real. Auto tune was big in NY but Jay-Z shut that shit down with DOA. He was tired of that shit *laughing*

HHD: What do you think about young rappers like Souljah Boy?

Warren G: It’s good to see a young cat doing his thing. His business hand is good, he got his music, his shoes. He’s smart.

HHD: What are your thoughts on the death of DJ AM?

Warren G: I had no idea he was back on drugs. It was just a sad situation. It was so sad for something like that to happen to a talent so young. He was a good dude.

HHD: What other projects are you currently working on?

Warren G: I got something coming out with artists from all over. I wanna do a Nate Dogg, Warren G album and give all my royalties to Nate. I wanna do more movies and TV shows.

HHD: What advice do you have for young people?

Warren G: Whatever you wanna do keep you head up and stay positive.

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